Finger Boards – Climbing Equipment

If you finding that your climbing is lacking something and you are not able to get enough practice at your local wall or even to actually get outside and climb, then looking to improve your finger strength and practice various grip and crimp styles while at home may be a way to help bring some improvements. At the very least light practice will remind your muscles to stay in shape for climbing in order that your body won’t lose too much strength from not climbing over extended periods. In order to do this you could consider investing in a finger board.

Finger boards also known as hang boards come in various shapes and sizes, two great models I have found are Revolution’s The Grill and Grillito. Both these offerings have a wealth of holes, pockets and pinches including some filthy edges to crimp like mad on. The Grillito is more sloper focused focused having them set in a differing arrangement to the small slopes on The Grill. Additionally the Grillito is set at 90 degrees to reduce stress on the joints allowing you to train harder and safer.

Grill fingerboard

Grillito fingerboard

For more info in these boards and to get a look at Revolution’s extensive range of training equipment visit the Revolution website via this link.

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