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A deceptively devious little app available for free to download on the android platform. When I downloaded this I didn’t realise how useful it could be, there is no bling, no fussing, just rotating numbers, a start and a stop button. To be honest that is all you need.

The Beastmaker Trainer features a simple blue screen with the afore mentioned 4 rotating numbered columns. These columns allow you to, set the number of repetitions, how many seconds of rest, hang duration in seconds and how many minutes pause between each repetition sets.

The Beastmaker Trainer also allows you to set whether or not you want it to vibrate (if your device supports it) with each count or make a beep, even vibrate and beep.

I have it on the tablet for home use and the phone for at the climbing centres. It works well on both devices although some phones with small screens may experience a squashed down graphics on the buttons.

I’ve only started using this recently and I see where it earns the name Beastmaker. It’s just a timer but it seems so much harder than jus counting in your head. The time between beeps seems like hours. It’s amazing how you seem to think you are doing well until a simple little app proves you’ve been kidding yourself on!

In all seriousness though, this app is exceptionally useful.  If you have a pull up bar, hangboard or campus board and an android device, there is no excuse for you to not have this app. In fact, it could be applied to many other repetition exercises such as push ups or dips.

Its tiny takes seconds to load and will do you a world of good. Go get it now at the Android Market.


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  1. This is a decent enough app.. which seems like only the tip of the iceberg for the potential that a climber could pull out of his or her phone.

    Me and some friends have been building a training app which we hope really can finally provide users with everything they need in one place to build their training schedules and become better, harder climbers.

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