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Amsterdam isn’t the first place I would think of as a climbing venue, being mainly flat and waterlogged. However, NL Architects have been publicising a novel idea for the regenteration of abandoned sewage silos on the Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam.

The concept was to create a world class mountaineering centre inside the silos by extending the roof another 18 meters. The climbing walls would then work their way around the inside of the cylinder producing a unique and high climbing wall with overhangs and various structures to make the climb interesting. Other space within the silo would be turned into offices, shops and various suites.

The concept design pictures look phenomenal to say the least. They show climbers scaling the massive conical routes while shoppers and other visitors watch on gantries between the walls or through windows mounted within the climbing walls themselves. The thing that caught my eye was the open ceiling. This may be covered with glass or Perspex but the fact that you would be able to see the sky as you climb would give you a real sense of being outside.

The project was postponed unfortunately but there is light on the horizon for this as the commissioning body are currently reconsidering the designs. Should this project come about I think Amsterdam will have a massive influx of climbing tourists buying up all the cheap flights.

Here’s hoping it goes through, stay tuned for more updates, in the mean time you could visit the designers website and register your interest.

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  1. Pretty interesting concept! …my cynical side tells me that it was a PR stunt though 🙁

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