Beal Verso Concept – Climbing Crash Mats

Beal have been making ropes for ages and recently added bouldering mats to their repertoire. This has resulted in a new range of mats from Beal sporting their new “Verso Concept”.

Verso Concept crash pads have a 3 layer construction, not purely to give you additional protection when landing but to offer more versatility from a single mat. Beal’s Verso Concept construction gives a thick shock absorbing central foam with an additional hard foam on one side and a soft side on the other. Beal’s thinking behind this is that you can use a single mat for highball work and low overhang/sit-start work. So, Beal Verso Concept mats have two crashable sides, one hard for the
highball flip it over and get a soft comfy side for the low drops.

The Verso Concept range comes in two forms the Double Air Bag a 100cm x 130cm hinged mat with a 30mm hard, 50mm shock absorber and 10mm soft foam combination weighing in at 5.3kg. Then there is the Big Air Bag. The Big Air Bag has the same foam arrangement as the Double Air, just more of it. Big Air means big size as this mat is 100cm x 180cm and weighs 7.4kg, fairly hefty. The Big Air Bag again has a hinged design but folds in three, similar to the Mad Rock Triple Mad Pad, or a hinged
burrito style if you will.

Both mats come in a range colours blue, red, green and grey with fancy Beal designs. As for portability both mats have carry handles, backpack straps and a shoulder strap giving ample carrying and storage options.

Beal Verso Concept crash mat

I think Beal have cracked it with the Verso Concept allowing you to take just one mat into the shower. If anything I would question the hinge folding design on these mats as if you flip the mat one side is going to have a gap in it. Other than this small point no complaints: yet another quality product from Beal. For more info on the Verso Concept and Beal’s extensive range check their website.

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