Black Diamond Gridlock – Climbing Equipment

The Gridlock is Black Diamond’s latest screwgate carabiner. This carabiner is designed to be used as a belaying carabiner. The first thing about this carabiner that catches your eye is its shape. It is more tapered in the centre than other belay carabiners, giving it an hourglass shape. The Gridlock has a screwgate but unlike its rival the DMM Belay Master it does not have a gate clip. On the DMM the Gate clip acts as a double check to ensure you have secured the gate correctly.

The Gridlock does not have this feature, Black Diamond have instead went for a minimalist option in the design of the Gridlock. Instead of a gate clip the Gridlocks screw gate has a tail that faces into the carabiner. When the gate is open the tail moves out the way allowing you to move the rope or belay anchor into the lower half of the hourglass shape. Once the gate is shut, the two halves of the carabiners hourglass shape are separated by the gate tail. This secures the device from rotating between your harness and belay device. The Gridlock has a smoothed top section top prevent rope friction and is generous enough to take 2 ropes.

Black Diamond Gridlock carabiner

When all is said and done this is a unique take on the belay carabiner but it doesn’t add any extra safety like the Belay Master, but in saying that some belay carabiners don’t have a gate or a partition.

To get a closer look at the Gridlock and for more Black Diamond gear at their official site.

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