BMC Leading Ladder – UNDO Feature

The 2011/2012 BMC Leading Ladder Competition will be making an appearance at the Glasgow Climbing Centre. The dates are spread between the 14th and 29th of January 2012 and the 10th to the 25th of March 2012.

The BMC Leading Ladder is a fun lead climbing competition that starts 1 October 2011 and runs at 30 UK walls, with 12 rounds, finally reaching a climax at the end of March.

The BMC Leading Ladder rounds run for a 16 day period. That means that you can travel around the country and take part in leading competitions right throughout the winter – and all at your own pace. Three Leading Ladder rounds will be run at any one time giving plenty of opportunities to compete at different venues right throughout the winter.

BMC Leading Ladder

You chose the category you want to compete in, ranging from category A to C, with category A being F5+ to 6b, category B F6b+ to 7a and category C being F7b to 8a. Each category will then be split into male, female, under 16’s and over 16’s.

This season’s comp. is bound to be a laugh as the GCCs been getting busier towards the winter and the local community is definitely growing. If you want to make a tour out of it (as if you’d need an excuse) you can find all the competitions locations on the BMC site.

For extended info on the comp. rules go here and for last year’s results here. If you’re looking to enter any of this seasons’s competitions check out the BMC website for details.

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