BMC National Disability Climbing Competition

The BMC National Disability Climbing Competition will be taking place in Rochdale this May. This event is hosted by the BMC, Link4Life and Climb UK. The focus of this event is to provide people with disabilities an opportunity to have a go at climbing within a competitive environment. The event will also be used in conjunction with other similar events around Europe in order to select talent for the fast approaching IFSC Para Climbing World Championships held at Arco, Italy from the 15-19 July 2011.

The BMC competition will have 3 main categories:

Using Upper & Lower Limbs (any number)
Using upper limbs only
Using upper limbs only that have impairments

Based on a similar format as the BMC Youth Climbing Series, the participants will be scored on height climbed with the highest scoring climbers moving on to the finals. Entry forms are available on the BMC website and must be returned by the 4th of May 2011.

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