Bouldering World Cup Finals Colorado

More awesome world bouldering competition clips for you, this time the 2010 women and men’s finals held in Colorado. As you may have guessed the bouldering world cups tend to be massive touring events, taking in numerous cities around the world.

Men’s finals:


Bouldering World Cup 2010 • Vail, Colorado • Mens Finals from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

Women’s finals:

Bouldering World Cup 2010 • Vail, Colorado • Womens Finals from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo

These events are well worth taking the time to go see or at least to search them out on the internet. The world bouldering competitions are a prime opportunity to see the cream of competition climbing at their peak. Studying how the pro’s climb will give insight into various techniques that may be eluding you, it will also spur you on hopefully driving your ambition as a climber. I know when I watch these clips, I am hitting the finger board right after. Keep following these blogs for more kick ass climbing tips.

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