Brittish Speed Climbing Championships – EICA – UNDO Feature

The EICA in Ratho, Edinburgh will see the first ever BMC Brittish Speed Climbing Championships take place on the 15th through to the 16th of October.

This event will see some of Britain’s best climbers compete in a 2 day event to find the fastest climbers in the UK. This type of event is common at the World Climbing Championships in Chamonix where North Face sponsor the event.

The British event sponsored by the BMC will see too good use the EICA’s new competition walls that have been specifically built for the job.

Brittish Speed Climbing Championships - EICA

As with the North Face competition, entrants will duke it out over 2 parallel walls with identical routes and difficulties. Essentially a shoot-out between the fastest climbers in Britain.

For more info on this check out the UKC and BMC website.

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