CAMP Bolo Nuts – Trad Equipment

CAMP as you all will know, are the mountaineering experts from the USA. The equipment the make can be found in the toolkits of both the daily climber and the professional mountain rescue member.

CAMP has some nice ideas on how gear should work and one of those ideas applies to rock protection. This passive rock protection comes in the form of the Bolo Nut, a neat idea for saving a bit of space on your rack.

 CAMP Pro Rock Nuts

The Bolo nut takes the form of two Pro Nuts on a single wire. The Pro Nut is CAMP’s tried and tested passive rock protection de jour. The Pro Nut offers a broad face in a wedge shape. This wedge has a ridged convex surface and a smooth concave surface. This concave part I would hope, allows you to double up on nuts in order to get a more secure fit.

CAMP Rock Nuts

CAMP’s thinking behind the Bolo Nut, is that you can save weight and space on your rack while at the same time allowing you the diversity of a full rack of nuts. Sound thinking and it works, the wire used on nuts is fairly light but it is steal and if you pick up a reel of it you will begin to realise the amount of weight you could be shedding by considering your rack selection.

The Bolo Nuts come in the same sizes and spec. of the Pro Nuts, with the same durability and quality. Interested? Well if you want to find out more about Bolo Nuts and the sizes available, visit the CAMP website.

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