CAMP Tricam – Trad Gear

CAMP sell gear to the mountain rescue squads and like Grivel and Edelrid they have been doing it for donkeys years, so you know you are dealing with a supplier of reliable products that you can trust. Nuff said.

CAMP supply Tricams, these are handy little nuts that act like cams or cams that act like nuts. Either way they are handy you’ll often see time served trad climbers with a couple of these on their rack, often pink or red, being 0.5 and 0.1 inches respectively. These are handy for in horizontal cracks, pockets, and shallow vertical cracks and often work where nothing else fits.

CAMP Tricam

The larger sizes are an affordable way to augment a rack of cams; ideal for belay anchors due to their high strength and low weight. Tricams can also be placed in icy cracks where regular cams do not work.

The Tricams can either be bought individually or in a set depending on your requirements. The range of sizes is quite extensive and covers 0.125 -7, formidable.

To get a better look and more info on the sizes and availability visit the CAMP website.

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