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Petzl Corax Multi-purpose Harness – Climbing Equipment

The Corax is one of Petzls newest multi-purpose climbing harness. Petzl rate this harness as suitable for traditional and sport and ice climbing. Aimed at those climbers who want a lightweight harness with thin straps, the Corax is very adjustable. It has 2 double back buckles on the waist belt allowing you to adjust the centre of the harness to your liking, also allowing you to move the equipment loops to a more optimum position.

Petzl Corax Harness

Speaking of equipment loops, the Corax has the usual compliment of loops. However the main difference here is that the rear facing loops can be folded out the way. If you aren’t using them and you have a pack on they’re not going to dig into you because of this. The Corax also has strategically placed Caritool slots, handy for keeping essential gear within reach.

The Corax, as should all harnesses, is designed with comfort in mind. Although the straps are fairly thin there is ample padding on the waist and thigh belts. The padding within these areas has been constructed with a breathable mesh. Perfect for those summer climbs, keeping you cool not

A very decent piece of kit and a must for the summer.

Black Diamond Primrose AL Harness – Climbing Harnesses

Black Diamond- Primrose AL (Adjustable Leg) Harness

Weight: 380g (Medium weight)

RRP: £50.00

When looking for a first harness there are a few things to consider before make that all important purchase; Comfort ability, price and design. Being a female in a male dominated market, it can be hard to find a harness that does it all without being bombarded with obsessive specifications or being involved in a tangled debate in a deep dark internet forum somewhere, remaining confused and harness-less.

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