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Blank Slate Climbing board – The Power Board

Previously we told you about the Blank Slate climbing board system for training your climbing holds and improving upper body strength and endurance at home. The most impressive thing about the Blank Slate system is that it doesn’t involve drilling holes in your house or damaging walls, it’s perfect for those in rented accommodation, staying in a hotel or who live under a strict interior design regime.

Not wanting to leave well enough alone Blank Slate Climbing have come up with a fairly unique hangboard that can be used with the Blank Slate system or possibly in conjunction with and even to replace your existing hangboard.

The Power Board has been designed with the view to optimising power and edurance in your climbing style.

Starting from the top of the Power Board the ball shaped holds are there to help build your ability to hang for long periods and as an initial warm up before your session. This hold doesn’t put a lot of strain on on the tendons so it can also be used for helping rehabilitation of torn hand and finger tendons.

Moving down the board, grips are widely spaced and incut so you can practice a multitude of open, closed, single, double and triple finger combos as well as traditional hangs and crimps. The Power Board also supplies a wide variety of pinches of varying difficulties with Blank Slate stating the most difficult pinches being on the outside edge of the board.

I like what the folk at Blank Slate have done here, I get the feeling that the products they produce have had time and effort spent on the development of them. Many of the products on the Blank Slate Climbing site have a thorough description of the product as well as a good run down on how to use it and some simple exercises. It’s this kind of attention to detail that we like at UNDO so keep an eye out on our blog for more top notch developments from the likes of ‘Blank Slate Climbing.

Blank Slate Climbing Board – Climbing Training

With the local climbing centres putting the word out for winter comps, I’m going to have to hit the board hard and fast. I’ve been shredding the calluses off my hand for the past few weeks courtesy of the Beastmaker board in the GCC.

Winter is a busy time for me these days so I’m utilising my finger board and hold more and more to squeeze every ounce out of my training each day. In the quest of searching new gizmos to help you get to the next level, I have discovered the Blank Slate.

The Blank Slate from the company of the same name allows for the set up of a small campus board system hanging from your door frame. The board can accommodate a selection of up to 17 holds including a finger board, giving you a good variety for your daily routine. The base unit features quality treated birch wood, powder coated steel frame and comes in 90o and 105o versions to suit your preferred style.

The Blank Slate locks onto your door frame with no need for bolts or fixings, this is the Ideal home workout device for those renting or staying hotels as it doesn’t require being permanently attached to the walls.

As if this wasn’t enough the Blank Slate can also hold a smart phone or small media device so you can watch TV, listen to music or chat while you work out.

This is truly a revolution in climbing training equipment and if the Blank Slate itself wasn’t enough. Blank Slate also provide a wide selection of holds and hangboards that can be used with the Blank Slate board system. More information on the Blank Slate and its availability can be found at the Blank Slate website.