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Boulder Blogs – Dumbarton Evenings

I’ve not had the chance to do much bouldering in the evening at Dumby, any previous attempts had me nearly loosing a shoe crossing the boggy bit between the car park and the beach. It’s a really nice spot if the weather is right and the views are quite scenic.
As you rally against some of the glassiest rock short of volcanic glass, you look up and realise you’re scrambling at the base of a castles ramparts. The scenic views of the Clyde and distant snow covered mountains have a pinky, golden glow. This juxtaposed with the industrial buildings, heaps of rubble and the DumbartonCourt with its remains of the old jail.

Practically an advert for Visit Scotland and Historic Scotland all rolled into one.

It takes me just under 30 minutes to get to Dumby from Greenback and it seems easier to get back to Glasgow from there.  Was going to hang the mats up aging until the next sunny day but considering how mild it’s been they will stay in the car and I’m going to fill my portable fridge because bouldering out here is to good to miss.

On todays visit it was good to see the TCA Glasgow crew working a particularly nasty route (Shin Sekai I think). Theres a bunch of folk, say hello, get on with their business, chat if you stop them. Probably crushing routes some folk only dream of, proper boulderers. None of this trampling mats, throwing stuff around like they own the place. (Yes I’m still griping about that!)

Anywho, probably try for tomorrow evening also, see how cold it is. Gina hitch slap that Warm Up boulder and then have some fun with the Cheddars!


I need a tagline.

UNDO Review – Climber Skin Repair – Climb On – Intensive Skin Care Bar


So as I mentioned last year the lovely folk at Climb On sent us a wee goody bag of products to try out and review. Unfortunately it was getting out of nice bouldering season and more into this cold, wet, BS we call Scottish winter. This put a hold on the tests for some of these reviews, mainly the Bug Drug which we had planned to sacrifice ourselves to the dreaded Midge and Horsefly in Craigmore woods in testing this product. So it will have to wait until the spring in the meantime, Glasgow is rife with its winter comps.

Both the TCA Glasgow and the GCC have been putting on regular comps to stop us all dieing of boredom if not hypothermia throughout the winter.

This has proven a good chance to try out the Climb On – Bar For Men.  So far I can say it’s been doing a pretty good job. The comp. series has been pretty harsh on the old mits but thankfully no rips or tears so far. This could be down to applying a bit of the balm pre and mid climb in-between climbs.

Climb On is made with food grade grapeseed, apricot and wheatgerm oils, filtered yellow beeswax, therapeutic grade essential oils of myrrh, cedarwood, lime & frankincense and tocopherol.

The quality of these ingredients more than likely lend themselves to the thick texture of the bar. Rubbing the bar over raw parts of your finger tips puts a thin coating of the product on your skin. Doing this a couple of times until the desired amount has been applied then leaving it to dry in keeps your fingers from shredding just that little bit longer so you can keep climbing. I found that when the burn set in, a little application kept me doing just one more route.

I’ve been skeptical of the Climb On products in the past but I think I can safely say they do the job. The Climb On bar for men is available in a 1 oz bar and for those with smaller pockets a 0.5 oz bar. Both Climb On sizes come in a tidy aluminum tin, each one contains a fortune cookie style word of wisdom.

If you are looking to get a hold of some Climb On you can get it in most climbing centres and you can get it direct from the nice folk at Climb On.