Climber Skin Repair – A Balm

Right I don’t know what they put in this stuff but it’s bloody magic.


I would just leave it there but it wouldn’t make a good review so here is the rest of it. Skip on over to the A-Balm website and you will find that the creators of A-Balm have taken inspiration from the Asian monks of old and filled the stuff with a variety of healing herbs.

Having had a martial arts history I know of the ointments and rubs you get from china town and various MA websites. They do tend to work, but mostly they sting. A-Balm on the other hand is just unbelievable, I say this as I am still amazed at how well it works. Even today, as I write this I have it on a tear in my skin.

I was working on a tough problem and I ripped a previous tear on my middle finger. It was bleeding and fairly bad so I taped it, but this didn’t help. I applied the A-Balm and taped it 2 hours later no more blood and the nasty tear is little more than a rough bit of skin. And that’s pretty much how it goes with A-Balm, it’s just weird I rip of pretty significant calluses and pack them with A-Balm, keep climbing and I have a new patch of skin in the morning. This new “Skin” can be easily ripped, but I keep patching with A-Balm and all is well.  I don’t have any explanation for this but it happens and I’m more that happy with the results.

So what is in A-Balm? Organic sesame oil, beeswax, Bing Pian, Tian San Qi, Mo Yao, Ru Xiang, Rou Gui Zhi,Tao Ren, Dang Gui, Hong Hua, Chuan Hua Juao And Huo Ma Ren. I won’t pretend to know what these herbs are, saying their names is probably as hard as it was typing them. If you really want to know I’m sure Ander & Ted from A-Balm will be happy to answer your questions. All I know is that it works and works really well. Herbs

Moisturising – I’m not sure A-Balm moisturises per say, it definitely takes the burn off although it can be difficult to spread due its thick gummy texture when kneaded between the thumb and fingers, this comes in handy in other ways though, 3 stars.

Texture – Almost white and initially solid like a wax, A-Balm is quite sticky similar to hair putty. When you scrape a bit off you can pack all sorts of gaps and gouges with it. I pack and smooth the stuff into big chunks of missing skin, and then if I’m still climbing, I’ll tape up and carry on. The business, 5 stars.

Repair – It works, I think it hardens the skin instead of moisturising it. I can see the gouges in my hands where the A-Balm has hardened it, careful on finger joint area as your skin will crack or tear here, 5 stars.

Fresher, stronger, longer, that’s the A-Balm motto it’s on the tin and the t-shirts and this product definitely does what it says on the tin. To get your hands on this wonder stuff check out the A-Balm website.


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