Climber Skin Repair – Calluses, Torn Skin, Raw Hands, Oh My!

The cold and wind is pretty bad for your skin as you all know. To make matters worse we climbers tear our hands and fingers to shreds by dragging them across rock and textured holds.

Moisturisers are key to helping your skin repair but normal cosmetic moisturisers that bombard us every day with adverts about wondrous skin repair, in reality are often to thin and perfumed for our purposes. Most often these products don’t protect our skin enough pre climbing and don’t promote skin growth or the thickening of the skin.  Add to this that these creams often cannot be used on broken or damaged skin (often this is the reason we are using the product). On the topic of perfumed or alcohol based products, these will often sting to buggery once it gets in cuts.

Enter specialist climbing skin repair! On the search for products that will help replenish our hands I have devised some criteria on which the products will be judged, these are as follow;

Moisturising – You know how it is, you’ve just finished a hard days climb, your hands are red raw you need something to quickly calm the burn.

Texture – An unusual one yes but some hand repair products can be used to pack the holes in your hands from calluses that have been ripped off. This can protect the delicate skin underneath and can keep you climbing. Also if the product is hard to apply there is not much point using it often.

Repair – Does it do much for the repair of your hands? The next day feeling is what this is all about. Can you climb the next day, has the skin on your hands healed well, does the skin feel thicker.

Each of these criteria will be marked out of 5 stars and summed up at the end of each test period.

I’m going to give the products a tough week long challenge. I’ll be climbing to my utmost for a week solid pushing the limits of what my hands can take. I will throw in some time on the GCCs Beastmaker (known for being harsh on the hands) wall and again on my own boards.

After each day for gruelling punishment I’ll try the hand repair treatments and note the effects.

Bit of a winter workout this review, it starts off with the 1st entry in hand repair a home grown effort by the name of Tip Juice.


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