Climber Skin Repair – Climb On – Intensive Skin Care Bar for Men, not girls

I don’t know what it is these days but any time I go to the TCA, I end up ripping the skin on my hands to bits. More so than on the rock and at the GCC. It could be that there are more sloper routes at the TCA, I couldn’t say. Another annoying thing is that it always seems to be right on the crease of the finger joint. Typical!

Fortunately Will at Climb On! came to the rescue with the new Climb On! Bar for Men. Every time I say that I keep thinking in my head, of the Yorkie advert. “For men, not for girls.”

The folk at Climb On! Claim that this product can soothe burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes, cracked cuticles and heels, tissue nose, road rash, diaper rash, abrasions, poison ivy or any skin issue that needs deep moisturizing and nourishing.

I don’t know about the diaper rash but thanks to sunny Scotland’s abominable weather at the moment and my current cold, I can definitely vouch for the tissue rash.

Keep following our blog for an update on how this balm works out.

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