Climber Skin Repair – Dringa

While searching for hand repair products over the years I came across a marvellous product called Dringa. I managed to get a tin from ebay a few years ago but when I went to order more no one had any. So this review is also a call to arms from my fellow climbers to find a source for this marvellous product.

Priced around £5 Dringa comes supplied in a 1oz/25ml tin and is made with blended plant oils and Welsh beeswax. Dringa is a solid wax block with no scent other than that of the wax and has a white colour rather that the waxy yellow colour of other similar wax based skin repair products.

The blurb on the tin states “For weary fingertips & sore skin, rub the block over your hands for moisturising protection – letting you keep on climbing!”. Wonderful stuff, I used to get a bit of pain from my shoes rubbing on my heel and big toe. A little application before climbing and the problem was solved. You could pack wounds from ripped off calluses with it to seal the hole and help you climb through it.

Dringa moisturised pretty well but did take a while to soak in, so it is best to apply in thin layers. I could climb with Dringa freshly applied but a healthy dusting of chalk would be needed in order to stop loss of grip and slipping due to the wax.

Moisturising – It takes the red, burning feeling away from raw skin but doesn’t soak in as well as other products, 3 stars.

Texture – Dringa is a wax based block, it can lubricate, moisturise and be used pack wounds. It is pretty pliable similar to putty which softens with the heat of your hands, 4 stars.

Repair – Overall Dringa is pretty good is keeps you climbing a little longer and stops your hands drying out but does nothing that I can discern for promoting skin thickening, 2 stars.

Dringa is like hens teeth these days but you can still find it available on some websites. If anyone finds a reliable source drop us a line. Dringa is a must for the skin tool kit due to its multi purpose qualities.


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