Climber Skin Repair – ProBalm – Update

The epic skin care reviews continue and as luck would have it ProBalm arrived on the door step this morning, the day of the TCA Glasgow climbing competition. Just as well, I’ve been working outside in the cold for the past week setting up for the rugby in Murryfield this weekend. I am totally reaping the benefits of using all these hand recovery products that are dropping through the door here at UNDO.  My hands take a beating with general everyday use in work life, add to this that I, like all of us at UNDO are avid climbers and outdoorsmen, this winter is handing out a brutal punishment to our hands.

Anyway, I digress. Today TCA Glasgow held one of its regular competitions. I obviously knew about it in advance but I’ve been slaving in the frostbitten outdoors. I’m knackered and ill prepared and my hands are not in the best of condition. Previously mentioned blood blisters and calluses are ripped off, add these injuries to solder burns, oven burns (pizza) and generally frostbitten skin.

Enter ProBalm to the rescue, 100% natural repair and recovery for active skin. Sounds like it will do the trick, and I need a miracle. Hand made in the UK ProBalms main ingredient is raw beeswax combined with grape seed, jojoba, comfrey infused almond oil and other essential oils to produce an intensive recovery balm. All these rich ingredients are formed into a solid caramel coloured block or puck as ProBalm describe it.

I applied some in the morning in order to help prevent the initial burning from my finger tips. I was in for 4 hours of brutal bouldering in the TCA which at this moment can only be described as arctic. Seriously it was colder inside than outside, how does this happen!

The ProBalm puck is hard and doesn’t give under pressure like some of our previous tried and tested balms. You can scrape the puck with your nail in order to get larger amounts off. This is what you want from a product if you are looking to pack it into damaged cuticles or gouges in your finger skin before taping them. On application ProBlam spreads easily on warm hands in what can only be described as a luxurious creamy texture. I stopped for a break mid comp and noticed my finger tips glowing pink to purple in colour. I washed the excess chalk off and applied a thin layer of ProBalm which soothed the skin right away. ProBalm does take longer to dry in due to its waxy nature compared to some of the previous balms, but I found rubbing my thumbs over my fingertips made it dry in quicker. A quick dust with chalk and I was back in the comp again. I didn’t get any major burn throughout the comp. this is a major limiting factor in my own climbing sessions and I’m sure the same can be said for many other climbers sessions. You climb to a point where just touching the holds brings a burning sensation to the finger tips. ProBalm solved that issue so now I’ll go on to test it for the same period as the other balms and get back to you so look out for the update.

ProBalm in its rather snazzy plain black tub


ProBalm comes in a 28g/1oz container for around £8 a tub, this is going to last you ages it’s also recommended for walkers, snow and water sports enthusiasts due to its protective qualities. For more info on ProBalm and stockists check out the ProBalm site

Well after using ProBalm for a while now I think I might have a slight addiction to the stuff the calluses from the TCA bouldering comp. disappeared after a day or two and my hands show relatively no sign of the previous weeks abuse.

ProBalm definitely helps with your climbing and its qualities can be marked as follow:

Moisturising – Definitely, it takes a while to dry in so probably best before and after a session, 5  stars.

Texture – ProBalm is a solid puck of wax it’s not going anywhere if you squeeze it or dig bits out, perfect for filling in gouges or damaged cuticles, 4 stars.

Repair – Again does what it says on the tin. Cools the burn maybe a little impractical for mid session application but my calluses are hardly noticeable, 4 stars.

ProBalm is quality product to add to your arsenal of skin repair a definite replacement for Dringa if you can’t find it. The guys at ProBalm also let us know that they will soon be releasing a 7g mini puck for the measly sum of £2. This will let you try it for far less than the 28g puck, but even then  the 7g puck will last you a good while. To get a hold of the smaller size and more about ProBalm jump over the the ProBalm website.

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