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Tip Juice - Climb Every Day

First in the firing line for hand repair products is Tip Juice. This home grown product is still a closely kept secret in the bouldering community up here but as word spreads it is gaining popularity and is set to be a sure fire favourite of us climbers.

I noticed small business cards for Tip Juice in the TCA stashed under a tray of energy bars. I was intrigued so I contacted Oli and Tom, the guys at Tip Juice to find out more.

Born in an Aberdeen kitchen, Tip Juice is about as underground as you can get for climbing products and has been a trial of experimentation, combining various high quality ingredients in order to perfect the Tip Juice formula. Containing hemp oil, kokum butter, hemp wax, everlasting flower (yes it’s a real thing), calendula, burdock, marshmallow leaf, vitamin E and last but not least essential oils.

That’s a fairly epic list of skin friendly ingredients that few rivals could compare with. Add to this that Tip Juice is made with natural products and vegan friendly, well you have everything anyone could want from a hand repair product.

So what is it like, all talk and no walk?

Well thankfully Tip Juice does exactly what it says on the tin. It comes in a 2oz/50ml tub which is one of larger tubs in comparison for price. You don’t often get large tubs of the big name products such as Climb On but when you do it can be expensive. Small tubs (0.5oz/12.5ml) of comparable skin repair products often come in between the £4-6 mark. 2oz/50ml of Tip Juice can be bought for £8.95, so already you are seeing the benefits of Tip Juice.

Tip Juice has a pleasant lemony, hemp aroma and goes on very easily. Although it has wax in it, Tip Juice melts very quickly and becomes almost liquid allowing you to work it into all the cracks and rough areas of your hand and fingers. You wouldn’t be able to pack this in the chunks of skin that have been ripped off but when Tip Juice does get in the cuts and scrapes it doesn’t sting so you can get all over coverage.

Tip Juice recommend you use this after climbing so I coated my hands in it after every session and awaited the results. It felt a little weird a first as I had to wait until it dried in. Tip Juice is almost oil when fully warmed up and it takes about 15-20mins to dry in and I didn’t notice much, but the next day results felt good. The skin on my hands felt ready to climb and my calluses didn’t seem as ragged.

Pre climb use of Tip Juice didn’t  seem to make much of a difference, but after the trial period my hands are less ragged and flakey and my skin does actually feel thicker almost leathery in some areas. I have noticed that my hands don’t get as raw as easily towards the end of my sessions meaning that I can climb for longer.

Moisturising – I would give Tip Juice 5 stars it’s workable and soaks in easily calming the raw feeling.

Texture – It liquefies with body heat and rubs in easily but you couldn’t use it immediately before or during a climb session and you can’t pack it into holes in your hands so I’ll have to give it 3 stars.

Repair – Tip Juice gets 5 stars it works really well probably best before bed or after a hard days climb. I definitely feel a benefit to the skin on my hands and the skin feels thicker.

Tip Juice is definitely a winner for those prone to shredding their hands, the large tub means it will last you ages and can be easily applied. You can find Tip Juice direct from the Tip Juice website.


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