The Right Fit: Climbing Harnesses – Climbing Features

Your harness will more than likely be with you for a good chunk of your climbing life, ropes need replacing every couple of years depending on use, shoes get wrecked or wear out and hardware such as carabiners will generally accumulate.

In light of this it’s really important that you get a good fit. Many of us will buy online for the best deals, often local climbing shops have a limited range or don’t stock the brand you want. So what’s the big deal about this, the big deal my friends is that getting the right fit by guessing you’re size
is going to be difficult. Sure you can return it, but that’s a hassle so you want to get the right fit 1st time.

I recently stumbled upon this site, They offer a helpful guide covering male and female harnesses, size and caring for your harness to make sure that once you have the perfect fit, it’ll last you a long time.

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