Climbing In Las Vegas – Climbing Routes

You may have noticed that between March and April there was a bit of a gap in things being posted at UNDO. Well, this was due to an inconsiderate friend turning thirty and demanding that his friends join him in Las Vegas. I immediately thought ‘Red Rock!’, this would be a great opportunity to climb some red rocks in Red Rock Canyon…two birds one stone…in fact 3 birds one stone – I got to party in Vegas!!!

It was a short trip and I had to hire a guide as I was by myself and only took my climbing shoes. I’m not going to go into the details of the routes or the area we were in, I will let the pictures do most of the story telling…

When I arrive the view was amazing it was about 9 am when we arrived at Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

I had totally forgotten that I was there during spring break which meant it was jam packed with students, really nice folk and enthusiastic climbers.

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

The rock was the most amazing colour of orangey-red, especially when the morning light hit it! I always thought that the pictures from regions with red rock were photoshop’d, they aren’t.

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

I had to climb as many as I could before I left, the clock was ticking.

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

99% of the rocks that I’ve climbed have been fairly harsh on my hands. This stuff was AMAZING. It was as grippy as a brand new indoor hold and as gentle as a sponge. Very cool stuff!

Sadly, the day ended.

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

I’m sure that climbing is not what people usually think when they think of Las Vegas…they really should start. I’m already thinking of going back in January.

If you are going in a group I’d recommend renting a car and campaign out in the reserve. There are lots of books out there, check amazon or you can buy the guide which my guide considered the best for the area which is Red Rocks – A Climber’s Guide

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