Climbing Videos – Dosage Volume 1

It’s freezing in “Sunny Glasgow” at the moment and it really is Sunny we are getting that crystal clear winter sun that puts me in mind of snowboarding in the alps or even up north where the sun reflects of the pristine snow. However the only show we at the moment gets washed away quicker than it arrived by driving rain and wind. Booo!

Sitting at home during a dreek day, requires some much needed inspiration to get me ready for spring time climbing. This inspiration comes in the form of Big Up Productions – Dosage Vol.1. This film is first in a series of five films produced by this company.

Following hot on the heels of various climbers such as Chris Sharma, Lisa Rands Dave Graham and Klem Loskot as they discuss their own personal philosophies in climbing and what drives them. Dosage captures the issues they face when tackling some of the climbers toughest problems, such as crucial holds breaking off mid ascent and dealing with defeat after many attempts of a problem.

Dosage Vol. 1

Dosage – Vol.1 runs for just over an hour and a half and is jam packed full of moves, some of the crimpage going on in this film is just plain evil. Whetting your appetite for outdoor climbing Dosage the hits you with a dose of indoor competition climbing. Throwing up some fast paced no holds barred climbing based in Salt Lake City, with the usual faces featuring Chris Sharma, Liv Sansoz, Francois LeGrand, Obe Carrion, Steven Jeffery, Jared Roth, and more. The film wraps up as it started following Chris Sharma in the summer of 2001 on his ascent of Realisation.

Dosage – Volume 1 is a great watch for the climbing alone but the music supplied courtesy of a plethora of quality artist such as Kush and Beat Pharmacy setting the mood for the film.

As you may have guessed there are other volumes in the Dosage library, 5 in fact. All the films including the soundtrack can be bought as individual units or as a box set from the Big Up Productions website.


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