DMM Revolver – Climbing Equipment

DMM Revolutionised carabiners when they released the revolver series carabiner. Astoundingly this is claimed to be the only carabiner on the market which employs a friction reducing pulley system built into the unit itself.

With the addition of a self lubricating pulley, DMM Claim that the revolver offers around 45% less drag than that of competitors non pulley models. These figures are not to be sniffed at. A reduction in rope friction of this scale could significantly improve a climbers speed and performance by increasing speed of motion while dyno-ing and reducing effort required for movements in static techniques. Ultimately this will depend on the angles of the climbs and if the rope rests on the pulley for it to work to its maximum.

I wouldn’t go stripping out all my quickdraws for Revolver replacements, they are nearly double what a normal non –screw gate carabiner costs. These would be ideal for setting up a top rope, for helping reduce wear on your rope every occasional link or for using just before tricky moves to give that little bit more freedom of movement.

DMM Revolver - Climbing Equipment

For more information on these you can of course find them on the DMM website.

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