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“A Dyno is a technique, commonly used in rock climbing, to use the arms and legs to gain height and distance in a quick, fast, manoeuvre. It is used to leap from one set of handholds to a higher set that would otherwise be out of reach.” – Wikipedia

Catching a good dyno is an awesome experience. That feel of weightlessness just before you hook that, oh! so far away hold. Performing a dyno involves hand strength and co-ordination, timing helps also. Practicing a dyno or dynamic movement doesn’t require specially set up routes. If you have a fairly juggy route, try missing out holds within reach and spring for those a move ahead. This will help you build confidence for the moves and improve your hand eye co-ordination in relation to dynamic movement.

To get a flavour of how cool dyno-ing can be check out this video I’ve been watching on the UKC website. Titled the insiders it shows some fine examples of dyno-ing with interviews from the likes of Sasha Digiulian and Paul Robinson. The video also as some training tips and examples of routes set up specifically for dynamic movement.

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