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Edelrid have produced a gem of an idea. Many crash pad manufacturers mention that their largest mat can make a comfortable bed for crag camping. Edelrid have just made this even more feasible with the introduction of their Crash Pad Tent, designed to be used in conjunction with their Crux crash pad.

The Crux is a beast of a landing surface giving a drop zone coverage of over 210cm x 115 cm, the Crux is one of biggest mats on the market. You’re going to struggle to miss this thing. The Crux is 10cm thick, that’s 4 inches of multi-layered open and closed cell foam cushioning your fall. The foam is then wrapped in ballistic nylon. This is a good thing, ballistic nylon mats are generally very hard wearing and pretty water resistant, I’ve found them very easy to clean. Finally Edelrid added a nice touch of carpet in the shape of the Edelrid e, this gives a nice surface to wipe your feet on before your climb.

Edlerid cruz crash mat

Despite all this the Crux has a remarkably light weight of 8.4kg and comes with a variety of carrying handles so it won’t be a big deal to get to the crag with.

Once at the crag, you can pitch up in style using Edelrid’s patented Crashpad tent. This tent is designed to fit over the Crux crash pad using it as a base. This windproof, siliconised, nylon shelter will keep you dry and sheltered from the wind on those four seasons day you get in Scotland. The tent also has air vents to stop it getting smelly in there. The single skin and minimal component design (only 2 poles) allows for easy transportation and it comes in a stuff sack with tent pegs, guy lines and a handy repair kit.

Edelrid Cruz Tent

This is ideal for those overnight, summer crag stops and is yet another example of Edelrid putting their money where their mouth is by encouraging you to fully utilise the functionality of their products.

Check out Edelrids site for availability and details.

3 Responses to Edelrid Crux & Crash Pad Tent – Bouldering Kits

  1. How much does the crash pad–with tent cost? If you have that figure in dollars that would be awesome. -Thanks alot!

  2. I got one of these for touring Europe during the summer. It was great but I was fortunate enough to have good weather.

  3. Hi Jason,

    The Crux pad and tent retail for between $200-$250 about average for a pad in this size range.

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