Edelrid Raven – Climbing Shoes

Edelrid have been dabbling in the dark arts of climbing shoes for a short while now and one of their very interesting offerings to the igneous alter is the Raven. An interesting shoe and a fresh new look demonstrating how Edelrid think it should be done.

The Edelrid Raven has a fairly aggressive hook to it but not so that you are going to cramp up as soon as they are on. I noticed that the Raven has a hook and loop style fastening system almost Identical to that of the La Sportiva Solution. However, Edelrid have constructed the Raven in a way so as to allow the removal of this fastener using their patented Slide Rail system. This allows you to use the shoe as a slipper. A very nice touch, this means you can play fast and loose with your shoes tightness for comfort or just how you feel on the day.

Edelrid Raven Climbing shoes

The Raven also sports a nice dominant heel which is reined in by Edelrid’s unique “Green” heel strap. Form with function, the heel strap allows more power to the toe area via the heel. Or progressive load transmission as Edelrid chose to call it. This is designed to give more precision when placing the toe.

Edelrid have sheathed the Raven in Vibram’s tried and tested XS Grip rubber and the upper is made from synthetic rubber so the Raven is a shoe for the conscientious climber.

By following this link you can visit Edelrid’s site and find out more about sizes and availability.

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