Edelrid Smart Belay – Climbing Equipment

Holey Auto Belays Batman! Actually, I’m unsure if Edelrids new smart belay is Batman or Star Trek inspired and it’s an amazing piece of kit.

This revolutionary self belay system reduces operator error and increases safety to newbies. How does it do this you ask? Well aside from having the usual safety features associated with this style of belay system and of course Edelrids outstanding build quality, the smart belay prevents the user from disconnecting both connecting units at the same time. The belay will only disconnect the carabiners one at a time and once you have disconnected the 1st carabiner you cannot disconnect the second until you safely secure the 1st belay. Preventing accidents by incorrect connections and
risky climbing.

Edelrid Smart Belay - Climbing Equipment

Other features include pulleys in the carabiner head to reduce wear and an integrated shock absorber.

Check out the demo video:

02 EDELRID Smart Belay ENG

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