Edelrid Stormy Evo – Camping Stove

Edelrid, supplier of rope, belays, shoes and all things climbing also supply cookware. Not a lot of people know that.

Packets of crisps, fruit, water and pieces are all well and good in the summer months but you’re going to need more than that now the days are drawing short and the cold is setting in. Beans, stew or soup is the order of the day and hot tea or coffee. BBQ’s are hardly practical and disposable ones last long enough warm a hotdog.

So camping stove it is then. Edelrid have a quality stove for climbers, based on the rocket stove design, the Stormy Evo stands high of the ground making it safe for use in bivys. The pot holder has a wind shield (Rocket stove style, look it up.) which helps increase cooking efficiency by up to 40%. The Stormy Evo has a preheating mechanism and peizo starter it should start in the most Baltic of conditions.

Edelrid Stormy Evo - Camping Stove

The Stormy Evo also comes supplied with its own pot and lid, although other pans can be used such as the Ardor Solo range. The pot is aluminium and holds 1.8l so it’s light and functional. The whole kit can be easily packed away complete with 230g cartridge. The Stormy Evo uses standard screw gas canisters and weighs in at around 700g

It’ll be sure to keep the frost off. To find out more drop by Edelrid’s website.

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