Ennedi Plateau – UNDO Feature

A small team of intrepid climbers have become the first to climb the rock formations within the Ennedi Plateau in central Chad. Also known as the Sahara‚Äôs secret garden, the Ennedi plateau is one of the areas most inaccessible areas near the borders of Libya and Sudan. At one time only nomadic caravans ventured through his area but now it is accessible by 4×4

The team consisted of Mark Synnot, Briton James Pearson, Tim Kepler, Renan Ozturk, Alex Honnold and renowned photographer Jimmy Chin. None of these climbers are shy of the rock face, many having sought out significant climbs throughout the world and have ventured
as far as the Arctic wilds. However just getting to this iconic holy grail of climbing has just as much possibly even more danger than the climbs themselves. After a flight to Chad the journey required 4 days travelling through the desert, withstanding extremes of temperature.
Added to this the whole region is unsettled not exactly a holiday zone. This was demonstrated when they had to fend off knife wielding bandits.

Despite these odds the team found some quality climbs and even managed to make a video of their adventures –

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