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The Evolv Defy has proven to be the best selling of the Evolv climbing shoe range, in light of this Evolv have chosen to develop the range further. The improvements Evolv have made take the Defy out of the, comfy and ideal for beginners category into the comfy and great all rounder category. This improvement comes in two guises, the Defy VTR (utilising VTR3D technology) and the Defy SE (limited edition alternative). Both shoes have Velcro fastenings so I’m happy on first look, however both shoes pack subtle differences giving a bit of choice on the climbing you want to do in them.

The Defy VTR is great for the novice climber looking for a technical shoe or the advanced climber who’s sick of sore, raw toes. Think of them as slippers you can climb in. The VTR stands for Variable Thickness Rand Technology. Thickening sections of the rand in key positions strengthens the toe box area, prevents toe bulge and improves durability in the toe area.

Evolv Defy Climbing Shoes

The Defy SE, Evolve’s limited run Defy shoe offers the same Defy key feature of comfort. In the SE edition the differences are that it utilises a softer mid sole for greater sensitivity on the rock face, a higher rising heel sole for greater protection and the perforated upper of breath-ability.

Both the Defy series shoes have Trax XT-5 high friction rubber, with the SE sporting the Trax Duro Rand toe. Again I can’t fault Evolv’s Defy. I can’t climb well if I’m concentrating on my sore feet or getting corns on my big toe. It’s something I doubt even the Pros can do. Comfort is the key to happy climbing and the VTR version bridges the gap between technical and comfort while the SE can provide that extra sensitivity you want without the loss of comfort. The Evolv Defy range makes sure you can have your cake and eat it.

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