Evolve Shaman – Climbing Shoes

The Evolv Shaman are being hailed as Evolv’s most advanced performance climbing shoe being ideal for hard sports and steep bouldering terrain.

evolve shaman shoesevolve shaman shoes

Designed by the famed Chris Sharma, the Shaman features a downturned asymmetric profile with a toe knucklebox for a more comfortable fit. The midsole have a so called “love bump” in order to keep the big toe tight in a position of power, this gives improvement for edging and grabbing. The Shaman use 4.2mm TRAX® High Friction Rubber for the sole with synthetic lining, Leather forefoot and foot bed. The Shaman also sports a high friction toe patch and strap fastenings. The amount of thought and detail put into these shoes is evident in the video below, I think the Shaman are as near a custom shoe as you’re going to get for the price.

Further evidence to the amount of thought Evolv have put into the Shaman is that they will be releasing a vegan version of the Shaman later in 2011 meaning that those who have a conscience don’t have to take second when looking for a performance shoe.

More information on sizes and fits available check out the Evolv website at www.evolvesports.com and if you are interested in a little more on Chris Sharmas background you can do a lot worse than checking out this prana blog.

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