Excalibur tower at the Bjoeks Climbing Centre

I have more overseas climbing action for you, this time taking the imposing form of Excalibur tower at the Bjoeks Climbing Centre in the Netherlands.

Standing 37 meters tall the Excalibur Tower juts out of the ground looking pretty exposed to the element, nothing but flat scenery to shelter the structure, climbing the Excalibur will get pretty real in a high wind. The pictures of this monolith say it all.

Bjoeks Climbing Centre say the Excalibur has climbs suitable for beginner through to advanced, the advanced side will no doubt include routes scaling the 36 foot overhang which follows the 37 meter length of the tower. Definitely need to get your stamina up for this one.


Many climbers who have scaled Excalibur say that the view from the top is an intimidating sight. I would agree with this. The Excalibur tower is easily the tallest thing in the Netherlands traditionally flat landscape, standing atop the platform, couples with the towers unique shape adds a sense of fragility to both the climb and the view from the top.



Time to book some cheap flights to the Netherlands in anticipation of summer I think. In the meantime follow the link to the video of Excalibur Tower to whet your climbing appetite.


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