GCC vs TCA Glasgow Update – UNDO Feature

The long awaited Climbing Academy Glasgow was due to open in September, but it has hit a snag in the construction process. This means that the opening date has been set back again for another month. Those who have been watching the TCA blogs will remember that the TCA Glasgow was initially due to start building last year. Unfortunately due to issues related to the site they had chosen this build had been set back to this year. Will this cause further upset and delay, TCA say its a simple fix and they will soon be back on track.

In the mean time however, The Glasgow Climbing Centre’s new bouldering arena is steadily taking shape. Furthermore the GCC has upped their game by finally conceding to offer the yearly membership discount. This offer runs for a month between September and October, the price will be dropped from £300 to £240 and GCC regulars have been demanding its return on the GCC facebook pages.

With everybody jumping to get GCC annual memberships it may mean TCA will have to work harder on their prices when they eventually open. Currently any requests for TCA prices have been met with ambiguity or comparisons with Bristol.

Stay tuned for updates.

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