Glasgow Climbing Centre – Bouldering competition

The GCC’s bouldering competitions have been off the radar for a while. No doubt the folks at the GCC have been plotting some seriously criminal routes while the bouldering room was out of action. Well the wait is over and the 16th of December will be the day of reckoning. Be sure to keep this date free, these bouldering evenings are the height of the social calendar for the Glasgow bouldering scene.

Don’t worry about not being up to scratch though. There will be something for everyone at this comp. as categories will be suitable for those new to climbing and the hardcore regulars. For me and many others at attending, this is more a social night and a chance to catch up while seeing how our techniques have improved over the past year. In previous years the GCC have sorted out some treats for us while we climb. Nice little touches like, copious amounts of GoFast energy drink and a visit from West brewery make the evenings progress ever more smoothly.

Competitors tally up their own scores and the prizes are usually a Tee or a GCC bag so the night is more of a laugh than a serious comp. Find out more information by following the GCC blog at this link.

So now you know the details, you have no excuse not to go. We’ll be seeing you there.


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  1. Dec comp was brilliant…routes were a little more tricky. You guys doing a write up?

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