Grivel K6N HMS Carabiner – Climbing Equipment

Grivel have a long history of supplying quality equipment, since 1818 as a matter of fact. If you’ve been making something for nearly 200 years you can be pretty sure that you know what you’re doing.

Grivels latest line of carabiners are made from 7000 series aluminium the same alloy and forging process they use in their ice axe shafts. With this type of history you can’t go wrong with the K6N. The K6N is an ultra light HMS class carabiner finished in black with screw gate in a gold colour. To add extra classiness to this carabiner is individually strength tested with its unique test number laser etched on to it.

It’s not only reassuring knowing that your gear isn’t just dropped of a production line, the unique test number can allow you to ID your carabiner should it get lost in a pile or easily collected from lost and found.

For more info on the K6N and their significant range of carabiners visit Grivel.

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