Jamie Emerson Climbing Blog

It’s good to do research on what other climbers are up to. This helps you set goals, gather notes on climbing techniques and even get advice on routes that you want to tackle or are possibly struggling on.

Previously I spoke of renowned climber Dave MacLeod and that he regularly adds to his own blog. Another great blog to keep a watch on is that of Jamie Emerson. Jamie, a climber from Colorado extensively documents climbs in his this area. His Blog at B3 Bouldering is a wealth of information on the routes, news and article about the general goings on in his climbing world.

What peaked my interest in particular was the Colorado’s hardest chart, a graphical representation in increasing scale of some of the hardest route in Colorado and the documentation and development of new routes and boulders within the area. As if this wasn’t enough, Jamie also films his climb. I particularly like this as you get to study the technique used on various climbs that he does. This also gives you a genuine flavour for the area.

For more from Jamie Emerson and his exploits checkout his blog.

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