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If you haven’t heard of Troll then you must have rocks in your ears. Troll have been producing some of the best climbing gear since 1965 continuing to this day by producing inovative and custom made industrial and rescue equipment as well as quality clothing and equipment for sport climbing.




Having a bounce through the Troll website I discovered a fine example of Troll’s unique products in the form of the Troll Linx screwgate karabiner. The first thing you notice is the rectangular shape of the device, not your oval/ear shaped device you are typically used to.

The Linx screwgate karabiner is mainly aimed at belaying for centre / indoor use but I don’t see  why it can’t be used for outdoor top-roping. The bottom of the karabiner (harness end) has a square flat base with a removable locking pin separating the harness side from the rope side. A pretty plausible idea seeing that harness loops are wide and flat. This would presumably secure to the harness more snugly minimising or totally excluding the risk of the karabiner rotating on the harness. With the harness secured frimly to the bottom of the  Karabiner, this allows for the rest of the device being free space for the rope to work within. The rope running edge is also angled away from the gate preventing catching or snagging. finally this is all topped of with a screw gate.


How weird does this look but it all makes sense


A pretty nice bit of kit from Troll, I would send you to the website for more info but the site seems to have few glitches at the moment. I contacted Russ at Troll HQ to find out more and get some specs. for our reviews.

In the meantime if you want to place an order for a Troll Linx orders are in high demand with less than 20 left so contact Troll direct for those. After this there will be a wait as the make up another batch.

It’s good to know it takes time to make things like this and that they are not just fired out the back of a machine.

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  1. Good to see Troll is still making gear, I’ve had my harness for years and wouldn’t swap it.

  2. Would be good to see them back in the game. Shame brands are all about the pretty colours and if you aren’t pretty enough you don’t win. Sounds like high school all over again… :p

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