Kong Climbing Equipment – UNDO Feature

Following my recent posts you would think that France had the monopoly on established climbing equipment manufacturers. This is simply not the case, take Italy for example this country also have a share of the alpine spirit and sharing its mountainesque borders with France is only just part of it. Italy produce some of the finest equipment you can buy via KONG-Bonaiti.

Kong, the manufacturers of the previously reviewed and iconic Gipsy anchor device, is a well established Italian manufacturer. Kong supply climbing and caving equipment while also specialising in yachting, rescue and industrial equipment and even Golf. Providing equipment to the professionals and the hobbyist, gives you the confidence that they know what they are doing and have a trusted and established name.

The company started its roots back in 1830, founder Giuseppe Bonaiti opened shop in Lecco situated near Lake Como. Bonaiti began making carabiners that soon brought the company worldwide recognition.

Today Kong operate from Lombardy, they still make their excellent carabiners and have expanded to provide a full range of climbing equipment including some unique perspectives on climbing gear such as the Gipsy anchor and the Frog quickdraw system.

Kong also provide an excellent range of cams which are worth checking out as they can often cost slightly less than cams by UK and US manufacturers.

You can get a look at Kong extensive range and detailed specifications by checking out the Kong website.

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