Kong Express Argon – Quickdraws

Kong’s Express quickdraws have an extensive range, recently the Argon style carabiners caught my eye, only 69g! That’s pretty damn light, less than most people’s mobile phone.

Of course this isn’t unusual, ultra light carabiners are generally “ultra light” but the Kong Argon Sets come in three differing subspecies allowing you to tailor your rack for weight and your exact requirements.

Kong has added varying carabiner shapes to the Argon sets. Kong’s reasoning behind this has been that using cloned carabiner styles for the top and bottom of the quickdraw can reduce your efficiency during your climb. The top carabiner serves a different function to the bottom carabiner so why have them identical. This is the type of organic thinking that we have come to expect from Kong climbing products.

The Argon quickdraw sets demonstrate this thinking nicely. The set comprises of 3 models:

The Argon has 2 Argon F carabiners, exceptionally light with a sleek shape and wire gate mechanism to help reduce the weight further. This is the ultra light standard issue Argon so you can load up on many of these.

Kong Argon quickdraw

The Argon MIX has Argon K carabiners at the top, this is a key lock and post style carabiner with a slightly flatter hook for easier connection and removal. The Argon K is partnered with a wire gated Argon RF carabiner. Weighing 83g the Argon MIX is lightweight with good practicality.

Kong Argon Mix quickdraw

Finally the Argon KK, both carabiners having post style gates. The top carabiner again fitted with an Argon K but the bottom carabiner offers the Argon RK carabiner. The Argon RK is similar in design to the RF but as mentioned, sports a post style gate. This is a more robust quickdraw design for the really scary stuff, but it’s still light at 92g.

Kong Argon KK quickdraw

This set of carabiners means you don’t need to compromise or go through the expense of buying differing specialised sets, Kong’s Argon Set offers you everything you need in one bundle, bliss!

It would be worth adding a set of these to your rack to increase its versatility or even as your first set, check out Kong at this link for more details.

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