‘Lancaster Aerial Flight’ Zip Wire Up For Review

Honister slate mine is not only home to Cumbria’s own Via Ferrata route which winds around the slate filled hill of Fleetwith Pike,  it will also soon be welcoming a brand new mile long zip wire.

Since the routes’ first application earlier this year, there has been much controversy surrounding the proposal, leaving many local walking clubs disgruntled about the plans. But despite these set backs, the Zip Wire project is up for review once more and the verdict is expected to be announced later this month.

The owner of Honister Slate Mines has recently submitted a controversial application for a 1.2km zip wire ride, from Fleetwith Pike, at the head of the Buttermere valley, to the mines at Honister. The zip wire off Fleetwith Pike dubbed “the Lancaster Aerial Flight” would replicate a similar construction that existed at the remote quarry over 80 years ago. The inspiration came after slate mine owner Mark Weir was looking into the history of the mine’s long-forgotten industrial operations. From books and old photos, he discovered that in 1926, a cable car type-operation called the “Lancaster Aerial,” was built on a steep cliff-face of the mountain . Mr Weir hopes that the new “Aerial Flight” would help attract custom to the remote rural valley outside the main tourism season: “The Lancaster Aerial Flight would help Honister address the ebb and flow of tourism by retaining more people for longer periods and providing something new and exciting for visitors to try.” The application was presented before the Lake District National Park Authority’s planning committee on 6th October.

Proposed route from summit of Fleetwith Pike down to visitor centre

Click here to view animation of proposed ‘Lancaster Aerial Flight’ route!

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