Mad Rock Aviator – Belay Device

Mad Rock have been re-inventing the wheel, or belay more accurately. Mad Rock have taken our everyday humble tube belay device and sent it to the gym to work out. Building on the standard tube belay design, the Aviator is forged and machined from aircraft grade aluminium to keep it light and allow for maximum heat dissipation. They then added a unique removable spring which prevents locking when feeding the rope.

Another addition to this belay on steroids is its ergonomic fin which is designed to allow the belayer to modulate the speed of decent. The Aviator can also be used for belaying seconds of an anchor and can be easily rigged to release load of anchor also.

Mad Rock have built a solid rep. for their quality shoes, but a few seem sceptical about their hardware but their latest equipment is proving to be excellent and affordable. As with some brands you practically need a sponsorship to buy all the gear. In this time of austerity its good to see that Mad Rock have kept their equipment within the average climbers budget as belay is entering around the £16 mark way cheaper than was expected.

Great for: Removable Spring
Bad for: Fins might catch
Fitting: N/A

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