Mad Rock Triple Mad Pad – Crash Pads

The Triple Mad Pad is just awesome. Folded its size is a mere 24×44″x15″ however fully laid out this beast covers a whopping 1.10m by 1.7m, that’s nearly 6 feet. You’ll have no worries about missing this thing when you drop of that tricky overhang. From there you will hit a cosy 5” of quality foam saving your body from oblivion.

Mad Rock Triple Mad Pad

Due to its size the Triple Mad Pad also makes a hand bench for picnicking in the sun or laid flat you could sleep on it. The Triple Mad Pads mattress size and thickness would make a luxurious ground layer to have your sleeping bag on. No bumpy cold ground here.

For more info on the Tripple Mad Pad check out Mad Rocks site.

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  1. I want one!

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