Magnus Midtbø – Climbing Training

I was doing some research on climbing training on the Dave MacLeod blog (not the climbing coach one). He posted the video below.

It was sick! The utter power of Magnus Midtbø is crazy! I think the one fingered pull up is just the beginning of the awesomeness.

I’m going to watch this again and then trying some of his exercises…it’s a shame it’s not translated or has subtitles.

Magnus Midtbø: The One Finger Pull-up

6 Responses to Magnus Midtbø – Climbing Training

  1. Offphtt! That’s some impressive strength! His finger is about the thickness of my arm!

  2. we just don’t get gyms like that here. proper weights and cardio as well as a difficult climbing wall. no wonder the quality of european climbers are better than brittish,

  3. Watched this video last night – WOW

    He makes those overhangs look like he is crawling along the floor, so easy. Funny looking arms right enough….

  4. Ooh-aarr! Want to try that sling pull-up. Obviously not with one finger…

  5. Pretty impressive looking gym and that dude is insane!!

  6. Yeh. It’d be good to have a gym like that in Glasgow…or even the UK don’t think there is anything like here. Virgin gyms have walls but they are nothing like that and are auto-belayed.

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