Mammut Smart Belay – Climbing Equipment

Mammuts Smart Belay has been designed with the indoor and sports climbers in mind. The smart belay gives additional safety to the climber by using a dynamic braking action engaged by the force of a fall and the reflex movements of the body. This offers a non-mechanical assisted braking similar to that of grigris while using a technique more like standard belaying. The Smart belay fits all HMS carabiners and can take ropes from 8.9-10.5mm. Additionally the smart belay comes in three forms the standard Smart, Smart Alpine 7.5-9.5 and the Smart Alpine 8.9-10.5. As you may have guessed the Alpine series offers 2 rope diameter ranges, but they also offer the ability to accept half ropes, independent belaying of one or two second climbers in an autolocking mode from a fixed point and it can be used for abseiling.

Yet another excellent bit of kit from mammut.

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