Metolius Colossus Crash pad – Crash Pads

Scared of the ground? Never fear the Metolius Colossus is here and it’s massive. This crag bed come crash mat has been improved to take over from the original Behemoth design and offers a 4 foot by 6 foot drop zone sure to keep your ass of the rock bottom.

Metolius have improved upon their previous mat hinge or burrito folding systems by incorporating a new wedge shaped hinge. These hinges allow the convenient folding of typical hinge systems but circumvent the gutter syndrome some mats can get, while maintaining minimum crash surface fatigue that burrito style systems can develop. The mat folds in 3 parts giving a much narrower profile than the Behemoth that the Colossus now replaces.

The Colossus is well pocketed with a small stash pocket on the front and a pretty large utility pocket on the top closure flap. This can store chalk, water or odds n’ ends.

Metolius Colossus Crash pad - Crash Pads

At 3.5 inches thick and weighing under 10kg this is a pretty nifty bit of kit, showing that Metolius are starting to get their thinking caps on again, so much so that this mat won a place in Climbings New and Notable.

So, for further info and prices check out Metolius.

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