Petzl Ange – Climbing Equipment

The ever progressive Petzl have recently released their new range of quickdraws and carabiners that hail by the name of Ange. These carabiners offer ultra lightweight technologies combined with commonsense and practicality based design.

Blue Petzl AngeOrange Petzl Ange

Based around Petzls renowned Spirit range of carabiners and quickdraws the Ange offers two sizes the Ange L, a standard size carabiner and the Ange S, their ultra light units. The Ange demonstrates how much thought and time Petzl put into their products. Ange carabiners boast MonoFil key lock systems, allowing for smoother rope entry and release. MonoFil uses a hookless locking system preventing rope snagging, reducing wear and buying you that extra few seconds of effort. The MonoFil design incorporates a smooth nose shape with no bumps or hooks to catch on the rope.

The Ange are packed with other unique design features that are apparent only on close inspection, to add to the uniqueness of the Ange, Petzl also claim that they have a unique sound on closing.

The Ange surpass anything I’ve seen so far, with the Ange S+S quickdraw weighing in at only 63grams Petzl have truely surpassed previous efforts and they know they have. The Ange is well documented on their site with technical and demonstrational videos and even mp3’s of The Anges unique MonoFil gate system’s reassuring click. Hop on over to their site.

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