Petzl Zipka Torch – Climbing Equipment

Climbing through the day is fine but what about dusk, in low light or at night even! Unless you have night vision you’ll need a source of light to see and tea lights taped to your hat just isn’t going to cut it. So head torches it is then.

The Petzl Zipka is 1st to spring to mind for me. This ultra light (70g) head torch doesn’t come with the obligatory elasticated headband, however it does come with a retractable zip cord. This design allows it to be used on your arm, belt, round poles, in fact anything you can get it wrapped round.

The Zipka offers a wide, bright beam. It’s water resistant and has a nice easy on/off button. Another useful feature of the Zipka happens when it starts to run out of batteries. When this happens it goes into stamina mode by lighting a distance of up to 5 metres for a minimum of 10 hours. None of this diming to darkness nonsense when you really need it!

If I have any complaints it would be that it can be a bit tricky to change the batteries in really cold conditions, but with 10 hours of reserve lighting I think you’ll have plenty of time to seek out refuge and take your time changing them.

Petzl Zipka Torch

Petzl Zipka Torch

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