Pure Chalk – Climbing Accessories

Chalk is chalk, isn’t it? Apparently not, according to the Wild Countrys. In their opinion their chalk and other chalk is like chalk and cheese.

Chalks are baked, crushed, blended and some have additives to increase stability, anti caking and performance. Let us not forget that chalk can have some of the same characteristics of lime and lime tends to burn a bit. Add this to all the other additives that can go into a chalk brand, and you soon realise your giving your hands a hard time. Not to mention the abrasive properties of the actual rock.

In light of this Wild country come to our aid with Pure Chalk. 100% free from additives Pure Chalk promises to have a cleaner feel on your skin but still give super friction for ultimate stick. The lack of additive means that it will be easier on your skin, leaving you to concentrate on the task ahead rather than the burn on your fingers. Pure chalk comes in four forms 60 gram ball, 60 gram bag called a Pure Chalk Shot, block and the big 350g bags. I use it as I do tend to get burn from chalk. I eventually do get sore hands but more to friction than any problem with the chalk, unlike previous chalks that have left me unable to close my hands never mind hold on a wall.

Great for: Not burning
Bad for: None
Fitting: N/A

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