Red Chili Habanero VCR Shoes – Climbing Shoes

Red Chili have been around for ages, their line of affordable products mean that you can get quality branded equipment without having to take out a mortgage. Don’t take this as an indication that Red Chili products are poorly manufactured or don’t last. This is far from the truth. The Red Chili products I’ve had experience of are long lasting and give you excellent bang for your buck.

Red Chili’s Habanero VCR shoe is no exception to the rule. Offering a halfway point between their Matador and Corona Shoes, Red Chili have taken the inspiration for this shoe from Markus Bock. This results in a shoe that point towards the big toe while having midsole support. Sporting a synthetic upper and quick lace system the Habanero is sure not to stretch, but promise comfort for those arduous climbs.

red chilli habanero climbing shoes

The Habanero has a profiled rubber on the toe top in order to improve protection while doing those tricky heel hooks. Speaking of heel hooks, the Habanero has a rather tasty heel on it. I personally like some ribbing on the heel but the Habanero Heel is smooth and very pronounced this may not produce more grip, but it will produce a better hook on the hold.

In short this shoe is great for those with a real life budget. Affordable, providing comfort and excellent performance across multiple climbing disciplines. Patented RX 1 rubber, combined with thoughtful toe box and heel design provide excellent grip and technical control. The Red Chili Habanero gives you way more than your bang for your buck.

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